In an increasingly interconnected world, businesses are adopting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems like SAP, Oracle, and others to streamline their operations. However, when operating in Vietnam, adapting to the local financial requirements outlined by Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS) is crucial. VNC Consulting firm is here to help companies simplify the process of converting ERP system books to VAS accounting books, ensuring compliance with Vietnamese regulations. This article explores the significance of VNC Consulting’s ERP to VAS conversion services and outlines how they can help businesses achieve financial compliance effortlessly.

Understanding VNC Consulting’s ERP to VAS Conversion Services:

VNC Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in accounting advisory services, including ERP to VAS conversion. Their team of experts possesses an in-depth understanding of both ERP systems and Vietnamese Accounting Standards. By leveraging their industry knowledge, VNC Consulting provides tailored solutions to convert ERP system books to VAS accounting books. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of utilizing their services.

1. Expertise in Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS):

VNC Consulting’s consultants are well-versed in VAS regulations, ensuring accurate and compliant conversion of ERP system books. They possess a deep understanding of VAS principles, which enables them to identify gaps between existing practices and VAS requirements. Their expertise guarantees that the final VAS accounting books will align with local standards.

2. Seamless Migration Process:

VNC Consulting follows a comprehensive approach to convert ERP system books to VAS accounting books. Their proven methodology involves a step-by-step process, including assessment, gap analysis, mapping, adjustments, validation, and migration. By systematically addressing each stage, VNC Consulting ensures a streamlined and error-free conversion process for their clients.

3. Tailored Solutions for Each Business:

Recognizing that every business has unique requirements and challenges, VNC Consulting provides personalized solutions. They conduct a thorough audit of the ERP system and the client’s accounting practices to identify specific conversion needs. This tailored approach allows them to make accurate adjustments and modifications and create an efficient and compliant VAS accounting system.

4. Testing and Validation:

VNC Consulting understands the importance of accuracy and reliability in financial reporting. They perform rigorous testing and validation to ensure that the converted VAS data is error-free. By reconciling the converted data with historical records and conducting thorough checks, they certify the authenticity and integrity of the accounting books.

5. Training and Support:

To maximize the benefits of the ERP to VAS conversion, VNC Consulting provides comprehensive training and ongoing support. Their experts train the client’s accounting team on the nuances of VAS principles and the revised chart of accounts. This empowers the team to utilize the new system effectively and maintain compliance effortlessly.


Converting ERP system books to Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS) can be a complex and time-consuming process. However, with VNC Consulting’s expertise and tailored approach, businesses can navigate this challenge seamlessly. By utilizing their ERP to VAS conversion services, companies can ensure compliance with VAS regulations, mitigate risks, and streamline financial reporting. Trust VNC Consulting to simplify your journey towards VAS compliance and unlock the full potential of your business in Vietnam’s dynamic market.