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About Us

* VNC Consulting

  • VNC is a member in Vietnam of PCP Global. Being the membership of PCP Global, VNC is capable to offer interdisciplinary international services. And, with the local expertise, VNC has been offering integrated and comprehensive solutions to MNCs.
  • The management functions and operation stability of Clients is our top priority. Therefore, instead of provision of the usual standardized procedures to professional firms, we offer individual and customized consultations to the Client for particular project with specific requirements. Our consultant is always ready for Client’s inquiries at any time – even beyond regular office hours.

* About PCP Global

  • PCP Global is an international association of accounting and auditing firms designed to give independent firms of accountants the ability to serve their clients wherever they do business in the world. PCP Global has been formed by Michael Scott and Alun Morgan, who are the team behind Kudos International Network, and the long established global training company, PCP. They felt that it was important that progressive accountancy firms should be able to demonstrate a global reach.
  • Each firm is organized under the laws of the territory in which it practices and is locally owned and managed. In most parts of the world, the practice of accounting is governed by local laws and regulations which determine professional standards, qualifications and is also influenced by local business practices and cultural attitudes.

* Our Service

  • Back-Office Solutions in Vietnam have been the root of VNC, and continues to be a core competence. Our teams consist of top specialists with many years of experience in industry, consulting firms and in tax administrations. The multifaceted experience of our staff ensures that high-quality, tailor-made advice is given, and efficiently implemented. Due to our closely coordinated global network, we are used to providing our clients with a harmonized approach for their international business and transactions.
  • Unrestricted as traditional professional service models, VNC with high spirit of openness and flexibility will give comprehensive solutions to clients with their own compatibility with each specific requirement as well as diversity in the operating system.
  • Specifically, in the case of Administrative, Accounting, Human Resources, General Management sections of the client for many different reasons cannot or do not want to perform certain tasks, they want to search for a solutions that bring good efficiency, ensure compliance in all aspects, support in specific arising situations promptly, VNC will coordinate with clients to find the optimal solution on time and cost. The solution is based on the characteristics of the business, as well as the details of the client company’s apparatus. And then, we will consult and design the process to fit the criteria set out.
  • Our clients have one point of contact knowing their business as well as their expectations and needs. Such point of contact efficiently co-ordinates the tailor-made international project team.
  • VNC makes it possible to present fast and consistent cross-border outsourcing back-office services to our Clients.

* Our Team

  • VNC acts as a global well-practised team with each member knowing immediately whom to contact in another country, hereby securing cost efficiency and responsiveness.
  • The expertise and the high quality standards of firm’s personnel together with proven working relationships within the network yield a consistent level of excellence and outstanding client service. We have established a dedicated Quality and Risk Management.
  • VNC team consists of experienced practitioners and specialists with sound economic expertise.