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Standard scope of works in Vietnam for Payroll, Personal Income Tax, Social Insurance And Labor Compliance Services In Vietnam from VNC Consulting is:

1. One time set up for payroll services

2. Monthly tasks for payroll & PIT services

Contact with the Company’s authorized person(s) to gather relevant information on number of paid and unpaid days, income (salary, bonus, allowance, etc.) and personal information of employees (social insurance code, tax code number, etc.);

Prepare the monthly payroll sheet which provides below information to person in-charge of the Company for review, comment and approval in accordance with the agreed time schedule:

(i) The employees’ contribution and the employers’ contribution for Social, Health and Unemployment Insurance (SHUI);
(ii) Personal Income Tax (PIT) obligations;
(iii) Union Fee obligations.

Support the Company to prepare and submit:

(i) SHUI registration for new employee;
(ii) SHUI claiming and termination procedures for employees;
(iii) PIT code registration for new employee;
(iv) Tax dependent registration of employee;
(v) Monthly/Quarterly statutory PIT declaration.

Provide payment advice to the Company for payment of SHUI, PIT and Union Fee;

Send monthly pay-slips to the Company’s employees through their email address as provided by the Company (all pay-slips shall be locked by private password).

3. Annual PIT Finalization under company tax code: Prepare and submit the Annual PIT Finalization under company tax code

4. Tax receipt: Prepare and issue the PIT e-receipt for company’s employees if required.