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Since 2017, there has been e-invoice service providers developing in two forms: Web app (used with web browser) and Window application (software). Here are some examples:

Web Software
Viettel Thai Son

Some differences between Web app and Window Application

Web app Window Application (Software )
Architecture in use Multi-layer (user client, database and server) Two layers (between client and server)
Number of users Multiple users at the same time (multiple user accounts) Only one user at a time (usually only one user account)
Interoperability Easy to use, user-friendly interface Difficult to use, take time to get used to
Equipment system Run on any computer (use on any internet browser) Execute on a specific PC
Sharing data Fast and convenient, can review old data anywhere The system is usually a user
Storing data Save on the server, not worry about losing data Save on computer, if there is a problem, data will be lost and take time to recover
Upgrading version Quick update Need more time
Security Complex security architecture Simple security architecture

* Note: When choosing an E-Invoice service provider, it should be noted that if that provider is also a Digital Signature manufacturer or an exclusive supplier of a Digital Signature brand, it is necessary to clearly discuss the compatibility of the E-Invoice with the Digital Signature that the business intends to use to sign the E-Invoice.