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• Step 1: Taxpayers access website select Register – Select “Mobile subscription” – Enter personal information, then enter OTP code sent to phone number and press CONFIRM.

*Note: After successfully entering the OTP code, the system is required to create a password. After completing, the system will notify “Congratulations on successful registration”.

Taxpayers’ mobile phone number must be registered with personal information with mobile carriers. The personal information in the “Mobile subscription” section must match the information registered with the carrier. If the information is still incorrect or has not been updated, taxpayers shall bring personal papers of national ID/citizen ID card to the nearest retail point – carrier support to update.


• Step 2: Log in and access the National Public Service page: Taxpayers select “Account issued by the National Public Service”, enters the national ID/citizen ID card information and the password registered in step 1.


• Step 3: At the account section, click on Personal Information – Select Utilities (2) – Add tax information (3) – Fill in personal tax code then click lookup to add and update personal tax code information into the account.


• Step 4: After updating personal tax code into account, taxpayers go to Online payment tab (1) => Personal tax declaration and payment (2) => Select tax registration (3).

– The system will switch to the personal link of the General Department of Taxation.


• Step 5: At the personal page interface, enter personal tax code, verification code then click Register.

– Fill in the taxpayers’ information, document number, Email, registered phone number then click continue.


• Step 6: Taxpayers check personal information, Email, Phone number, Address on declaration 01/DK_TDN again and then click Complete Registration.

– Tax system will send a message via OTP including account and password to access and declare personal page of taxpayers.

– Individual taxpayers log in to their accounts, declare and submit declarations without having to bring their national ID/citizen ID card to the Tax Department to verify and activate the account.