1. Regional Minimum Salary (with effect from 01 January 2018)

The National Wages Council have finalized the regional minimum salary rates of 2018, specifically as follows: Region I: VND 3,980,000/month; Region II: VND 3,530,000/ month; Region III: VND 3,090,000/ month; Region IV: VND 2,760,000/ month.

In accordance with that, from January 2018, the maximum salary rate for Unemployment Insurance contribution should be: Region I: VND 79,600,000/month; Region II: VND 70,600,000/month; Region III: VND 61,800,000/month; Region IV: VND55,200,000/ month.

The plan on increasing regional minimum salary of 2018 has been submitted to the Government for issuing the relevant Decree.

  1. Common Minimum Salary / Basic Salary (with effect from 01 July 2018)

The National Assembly has passed the Resolution on budget estimation of 2018. Pursuant to the Resolution, the common minimum salary shall increase from VND 1,300,000/month to VND1,390,000/month from 01 July 2018.

Accordingly, the maximum salary rate for Social – Health Insurance and Trade Union Contribution would be VND 27,800,000/month from 01 July 2018.

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