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I) General Conditions which should be noticed:

1. The parent company (hereby maybe called the foreign trader) is incorporated and registered for doing business in accordance with provisions of laws of countries or territories being parties to treaties to which Vietnam is a signatory or is recognized by the aforesaid countries or territories;

2. The foreign trader has come into operation for at least 01 year from the date of establishment or registration;

3. The Representative Office Establishment License in Vietnam of foreign traders shall be valid for 05 years but not exceeding the remaining effective period of the Certificate of Business Registration or the equivalent of foreign traders in case those documents have expiry date;

4. The head of a representative office shall not concurrently hold the following titles:

– The head of a branch of the same foreign traders;
– The head of a branch of another foreign trader;
– The legal representative of the same foreign trader or others;
– The legal representative of an other business organization incorporated in accordance with Laws of Vietnam.

II) Required Documents and Information for VNC Consulting’s action:

1. Copy of Business Registration Certificate or equivalent documents of foreign trader (scanned copy and 02 consular-legalized photocopies);

2. Appointment on the head of Representative Office (bilingual in English and Vietnamese) issued by foreign trader and stamp by parent company (scanned copy and 02 original copies);

3. Copy of audited financial statement or equivalent documents issued by competent agencies/organizations where the foreign trader was established or confirm the existence and operation of foreign trader in the nearest fiscal year (scanned copy and 02 consular-legalized photocopies);

4. A notarized copy of passport the head of the representative office (scanned copy and 02 consular-legalized / notarized photocopies);

5. Documents about intended location of the Representative Office, including:

– Copy of office lease agreement in Vietnam (scanned copy and 02 notarized photocopies);
– Copy of documents about the location of the office, including notarized copy of the land use right certificate of the lessor (if renting from an enterprise, it is necessary to provide their business registration certificate with the function of real estate business) (scanned copy and 02 notarized photocopies).

6. Statutory registration forms prepared by VNC Consulting.

III) Timeline & Deliverables from VNC Consulting:

(a) Representative Office Establishment License (10 – 15 working days from the date we get sufficient dossiers from parent company);

(b) Representative Office Seal with Seal Certificate (05 – 07 working days); and

(c) Tax Code Certificate (05 – 07 working days).