Pursuant to Article 8 of the Law on PIT implemented in 2007, individuals/organizations will be refunded tax in the following cases: The amount of tax paid exceeds the amount of tax due; Individuals/organizations that have paid tax but do not have taxable incomes that are up to the taxable level; Many individuals and businesses are now eligible for a tax refund, but they confront numerous difficulties in preparing tax refund documentation and completing tax refund procedures, among other things. VNC Consulting recognize these challenges and offer a comprehensive and professional PIT refund solution to assist individuals and businesses in resolving them.

1. What is a PIT refund?

A PIT refund is a reimbursement made to taxpayers who have overpaid under the law in one of the following cases:

  • During the tax period, the paid PIT amount exceeds the due PIT amount.
  • The individual has paid PIT does not have taxable incomes that are up to the taxable level.
  • Other cases as decided by competent state agencies.
  • Income from seasonal contracts or commissions, such as insurance agents or multi-level sales: in this case, the possibility of persons receiving a tax refund is also quite high because the income calculated for tax deduction does not include the deduction for family circumstance.
  • If an individual’s income decreases to the point where his/her average annual income is lower than the tax rate for the months of the year, the individual is fully entitled for a tax refund.

The PIT refund is only applicable to individuals who have registered for tax and have a tax identification number.

When an individual who has authorized tax finalization for an income-paying enterprise to complete the final settlement, the individual’s tax refund is processed through the income-paying enterprise.

2. Why is it necessary for individuals and businesses to use the PIT refund service?

Individuals and businesses have to understand tax procedures and regulations in order to implement tax refund procedures that are required to be effective, correct, and timely.

These laws and policies are complicated and constantly changing. Individuals and businesses who are not tax experts will have a tough time comprehending and updating the regulations, which are revised and updated on a regular basis. Individuals and businesses may have to devote a significant amount of time and effort to studying the rules and completing the relevant documentation in accordance with the regulations.

After understanding tax laws and policies, individuals/enterprises shall have to keep preparing documents, information, and forms in accordance with regulations.

This whole process of preparation includes many different stages and documents, which may cause numerous difficulties for individuals and business.

VNC Consulting understand these difficulties and offer a PIT refund service to assist clients in preparing tax return documentation.

3. PIT refund service at VNC

With years of business experience and a well-trained team, when outsourcing the PIT refund service to VNC, our Company is devoted to assisting clients in resolving all challenges encountered during this procedure:

  • Consult the laws and regulations governing tax refunds.
  • Instruct clients to gather documentation and information for tax refund.
  • Collect information and documents related.
  • Double-check tax refund information thoroughly.
  • Prepare documents and prescribed forms related to tax refund.
  • Make and print all kinds of documents related to tax refund.
  • Follow-up the tax refund process and work directly with the tax authorities to resolve any issues that arise.

4. Client benefits of outsourcing the PIT refund function to VNC

With the criterion of “Your Comprehensive Back-Office Solutions“, VNC strives to provide the highest quality service possible to your business:

  • Respect the absolute confidentiality of client information.
  • Complete all required documentation and procedures for PIT refund in the most efficient manner possible.
  • A clear offer for service charges.
  • Complete the work on time as agreed.

If you are interested in the PIT refund service of VNC, kindly contact us via Website – Hotline: (+84) 28 6670 3100 – (+84 ) 902 595 17 for dedicated assistance and further information on our services.

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