VNC Consulting Introduction

VNC Consulting is a member of ANTEA Alliance of Independent Firms, ANTEA have representatives in 70 countries and more than 350 offices worldwide. VNC has been offering integrated and comprehensive solutions as your back-office to multinational companies in Vietnam.

The management functions and operation stability of Clients are our top priority. Therefore, instead of the provision of usual standardized procedures to professional firms, we offer individual and customized consultations to the Client for a particular project with specific requirements and also comply with the current regulations. Our consultants are always ready for the Client’s inquiries at any time, even beyond regular office hours.

The current orientation of VNC is to offer professional services to the Clients who are foreign individuals, organizations, and enterprises doing business in Vietnam.

Representative office of VNC Consulting in Da Lat City

Previously, the representative office of VNC in Da Lat was located at No. 25 T21 An Son Street, Ward 4, Da Lat City.

However, for the purpose of meeting the expansion and development of the company, as well as to upgrade facilities and personnel in order to offer the best-in-class services to the Clients, our representative office has was moved to the new address at No. 76 Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City.

Currently, VNC are focusing on promoting the deployment of professional services, serving FDI companies in Da Lat.

The professional services offered by VNC Consulting are:

1. Taxation Services

  • Tax compliance service
  • Tax agent service
  • Personal Income Tax refund service
  • Personal Income Tax finalization service
  • Tax health check
  • Tax advisory retaining service
  • Specific VAT Refund for exported IT services

2. Management – Administrative Advisory Services

  • Business Licensing services
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Payroll calculation and processing
  • Labor compliance
  • Build and submit the Internal Labor Rule to the Government
  • Compulsory insurance compliance
  • Trademark / Logo Consulting and Registration
  • Preparation of Statistic reports
  • Data entry outsourcing service
  • Issuing invoice support service (electronic invoicing)

If you want to outsource the professional services of VNC Consulting, please contact us via Hotline (+84) 902 595 171 – (+84) 916 55 60 60 or the Website  for direct support and advice.

Best regards!