So, you have your in-house bookkeeper managing your business’ day-to-day financial transactions and providing you with whatever key information is required to help make sound financial decisions. Without a doubt, bookkeeping staffs are invaluable and a prerequisite when the operations’ efficiency is a primary focus. But, do you really need a bookkeeper day in day out, for 8+ hours a day?

What if you could hire an extremely competent one for the hours, days or months you require their services the most? Or, even better, perhaps, have a bookkeeping expert working remotely for you, for whatever period of time you wish; one that is also flexible enough to come on-site and work with multiple software programs if necessary? This is where the on-site & by-day accountant comes in.

Understandably, such a radical option will push you out of a familiar comfort zone that you are so used to (and fancy). But, it is a step worth taking if you want to turn your organisation from a hiker to a marathon runner. Here is why.

Accuracy & Trained Expertise

How many times have you heard of entrepreneurs missing timelines? Be penalised for making errors, such as misclassifying expenses, not saving receipts, forgetting to record a transaction or expense, not scheduling backups, or having incorrect balance in the expense or revenue balance? Most of the times, these unfortunate situations happen because their bookkeeper lacks training and knowledge of proven procedures and processes.

Having an experienced and adequately trained on-site and by-day accountant readily available will allow you to benefit from their high-expertise, professionalism, and in-depth mastery of how to customise robust procedures to serve your specific business type better, and enable you to enjoy accurate and consistent results.

Accuracy and efficiency are both vital in bookkeeping and accounting if you want to stand a chance in this complicated business environment where market and seasonal changes succeed one another with the speed of light. Take payroll and payroll taxes, for example. If you have employees that travel abroad, they can become quite challenging without the right person to ensure this critical part of your business is on time and accurate. But, that doesn’t mean that you need to have a staff member working on these matters around the clock, rather than when necessary.

Employment Costs & Time Efficiency

Why pay monthly salary for an entry-level bookkeeper, without counting employee benefits, when you can have a senior-level one with fixed service fee per hour every time you need? You see, unlike with hiring a bookkeeper to work for you and pay the related costs, from payroll and sick pays to training, vacation pay and other benefits, an on-site & by-day accountant will only cost you an hourly rate that is more than just affordable. Even if you do need an accountant every day, chances are you don’t require their services for more than a couple of hours a day, right?

On top of that, your hired short-term accountant will not be limited to providing just bookkeeping services. Instead, they can work for whatever your business demands, from tax and admin assignments to paperwork, while also managing invoices and providing useful charts of company expenses, among others. Add to that the fact that an adept on-site & by-day accountant lives and breathes digital solutions that allow you to track numbers with advanced tools, such as receipt tracking, and you can understand how much time you save compared to the previous regime.

Time to move forward with new-age on-site & by-day accountant services from VNC Consulting, don’t you think?

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