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Bookkeeping and reviewing accounting books are issues that always makes many enterprises face difficulties because of some accounting errors. Understanding the difficulties that businesses are facing, VNC provide a service of bookkeeping and reviewing accounting books in order to help enterprises solve outstanding problems in accounting records, adjust and supplement actual documents to meet the compatibility with management information and tax declaration.

1. What causes the accounting books of enterprises to be confused and inaccurate? 

  • Unexpected leave of accountant makes jobs that have not yet been processed left behind leading to overlapping jobs.
  • Enterprises with business lines in the fields of manufacturing, construction, and trade often have large numbers of transactions and lots of invoices and documents.
  • Newly established businesses lack the budget for building an accounting system.
  • The most worrying thing is the lack of specialized accountants. It may lead to some errors in accounting records and make the management face certain difficulties. Besides that, it will also lead to some problems with the Tax Agency when the year-end tax finalization is due.
  • Circulars, decrees or policies on laws are constantly changed, making the accounting department sometimes unable to update promptly and inaccurately.

These causes make enterprises in a difficult situation, waste a lot of money. Knowing the problems that enterprises are facing, VNC provides clients with “Accounting review and optimization services” in order to promptly solve difficulties in processing accounting data and help enterprises to focus on their business development.

2. How do VNC conduct accounting review and optimization services?

The tasks are performed when clients use our accounting review services, including:

– Collect and synthesize the necessary reports, information and data related to the accounting field from the person in charge of the company.

–Check the recording of transactions and review the suitability of the presentation and publication of financial statements prepared by the Company in accordance with Vietnamese Accounting Standards.

– Identify, make reports on issues and propose adjustments to financial statements. Inspect the inconsistent accounting contents.

Including the following details:

Review the recording of transactions and bookkeeping. 

+ Review unusual or complex situations that may affect the reporting results.  

+ Review key transactions that occur near the end of the reporting period.

+ Review important accounting entries.

+ Review relevant contact information from regulatory authorities (if any).

+ Check the financial statements carefully to review compliance with the applicable financial reporting framework.

In addition, during the process of reviewing accounting books, VNC will contact the enterprise to get more information about content, issues related to accounting, taxes, invoices and documents in the business operation of the enterprise.

3. Benefits for clients when outsourcing accounting review and optimization services at VNC

With the criterion is “Your Comprehensive Back-Office Solutions“, VNC always try our best to offer the best quality service to your enterprise:

  • Respect the absolute confidentiality of customer information.
  • Complete the work on time as prescribed.
  • Promptly provide the necessary accounting data and records to clients.
  • Prompt advice on professional issues.

If you are interested in our accounting review and optimization services, kindly contact us via Website Hotline: (+84) 28 6670 3100 – (+84) 902 595 171 for more information and to get the appropriate service proposal.